How to Detect a Transitist

Identifying the Transitist is made difficult not masked-man.jpgonly because the words needed to do so have been purposely denied to the public but also because there are powerful people who don’t want a term made available that describes heavily guarded and advanced deception techniques. A Transitist is someone who exploits the benefits of using multiple different identities in a transitory way. To serve as a decoy, they strategically misrepresent themselves by claiming national origins or racial categories they do not descend from for the purpose of hiding their real ethnic identity or ancestry. Conforming with identity fraud and used as a decoy, this technique is often used for personal gain, self entitlement, incursion, aiding propaganda, infiltration, misrepresentation and ambushing of targeted groups, deflection of shame, accountability or to camouflage and protect ones heritage by using a false identity when committing horrendous acts, crimes, or while sabotaging other ethnic groups using techniques like hoax-crimes.

Throughout history and up until this point this has been done with stealth and for the most part, not formally addressed while the effects have forever altered what they call  “history” and teach in schools or reference in media today. Identifying this technique is the first step to unlocking the truth and decoding the reasons why the western system chose to use the term of “white” when teaching about the slave trade instead of using the words Arab or Jewish. Recognizing that “history” has been strategically clouded,  pictures or videos of are too few and far between and unearthing the true references will take time but on the other hand, modern day events make these Transitist techniques easy to spot with the help of national media coverage. Coupled with the debut of missing words like these, the general public will now be able to properly identify and refer to these events in an accurate way, thereby sidestepping the tension, confusion and exposing the offenders real identity in the process.

George Zimmerman provides a widely recognized example. Lets look closely to expose the Transitist technique.  His father is ethnically Jewish, mother is Peruvian and in the physical sense, he is brown or looks Hispanic. Pay close attention to all of the different identities he used and how he went between them in a transitory way. He can call him self Jewish, Peruvian, Hispanic, etc. But, what identity did he use after shooting Trayvon? He chose to call him self “white”. He used this as a decoy to hide his Hispanic/ Jewish ancestry, he used a term that does not reflect his physical appearance and, for a short period of time until his photo was leaked, was able to shift blame for his shameful acts to ethnic groups he is not a member of. Of course, his scam crashed once his photo was released and the general public (some retaliating) stopped attacking “white” people and began attacking, well, “brown people”. Consider how the Transitist technique is used by the education system and how many of their “history” lessons would fall apart if a photo could be released like Zimmerman’s did.

Is it really irony that, over the course of weeks while nation wide attacks were taking place, all the way up to that point, there was nothing but silence from groups like La Raza ? But oh the ruckus they made once the world knew the truth that Trayvon’s killer was not really “white” but dark brown and Hispanic. Hearing the current president of La Raza make the statement that “blacks and Latinos need to stay focused on the enemy” confirmed the shared ideology she had with the founder Jose Angel Gutierrez when he said in so many words that “The devil has white skin, blue eyes and we must kill him” (story here). Funny that none of them like to reference the “San Diego Plan of 1915” or the real reasons Mexicans were banned from the U.S. I do admit that the way she speaks does not impress me but I do marvel at the Transitist technique she does so well, highlighted by the fact that the only reason she calls herself American is to hide her real ethnicity (Mexican). Her foreign loyalty shines too brightly and needs more than verbal lies to stay covered. At this point it’s a pretty clear and simple when pointing out how often European identities are misused by people who are not of European lineage. Collecting any MSM news articles can easily confirm patterns that, when doing something bad, they will use a European identity like French, American, Canadian and so on but when receiving accolades or pursuing special privileges, they use their real identities, ones that are not European.  Think of it this way, if George Zimmerman wanted better odds of college enrollment, scholarships or job opportunities, would he still call himself “white” or would he use his real identity? The overall idea is pretty obvious and it branches out to more complex scenarios.

Take people that actually look the same or similar to the groups they ambush, I know that all people are not the same simply because they are the same color whether it be brown, white or black but rest assured, Transitists never resist the opportunity to take advantage of groups they look similar to, just look in the education sector at people like Noel Ignatev or Tim Wise who use the decoy term of “white” to speak on behalf of all “white people”, calling to dissolve their communities, countries and to systemically disadvantage them to correct past wrongs but Noel, Tim and many others know it won’t really effect them in the end, because they are really ethnically Jewish and receive “minority privilege”. Notice that they don’t publicly call to systemically disadvantage Jewish people or people who are physically brown (like Arabs)  but use the term “white” like George Zimmerman did. They call themselves “white” as a decoy, to hide their real ethnicity, speak on behalf of or sabotage other groups they are not members of but will only use their real identity behind closed doors.

The list goes on and on and consider that we live in an age of throttling select ethnic groups to redistribute assets, wealth or political representation. Finding that a Transitist has hijacked the share meant for another group or misrepresented them in a poor way so the Transitist can secretly benefit their real group explains a lot, it explains why things have deteriorated, it explains how people who are not members of protected groups were left with no genuine political representation or voice and most importantly, it has finally revealed the technique that Transitst use to sabotage them on the highest levels.


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