Minority Privilege Checklist

The Minority Privilege system is a class privilege system, not one of race.

This is validated when we limit this analysis to one racial category and point out that some of the subgroups are classified as minority, while other subgroups are not, all contained within the same racial group.

Analyzing further to compare the treatment minority classes receive verses non-minority classes, makes the system of double standards, immunities and special treatment visible. As a “class privilege system” minority classes enjoy the following:

1. Schools will never teach about the awful things my ancestors did or tell me that I must atone for them.

2. The role my ancestors played in the trapping, selling, transport, and owning of slaves will not be taught about in schools nor discussed in media, news articles or movies about slavery.

3. No expectations to apologize on behalf of my group.

4. I’m given a free pass to say or do things that others cannot.

5. My cultural symbols, practices, holidays or norms will never be banned for being “offensive”.

6. My school will use literature that encourages me to take pride in my heritage, ancestry and I will receive positive reinforcement.

7. Policies or laws on discrimination won’t apply to me or stop me from forming segregated organizations and excluding people who are different.

8. I can count on media to use ambiguous terms such as ‘teen’ or ‘youths’ to conceal any criminal deeds done by my group. (Media will only portray a positive image of my group).

9. I can depend on receiving a higher level of sympathy from media.

10. I can depend on media to show more concern for my social image than they will show for my victim.

11. If I commit crime against others, I know that protection laws will function in a one-sided way that offers me more protection than my victim.

12. I can rest assured that the government will not allow the society I occupy to publish or know the true percentage of crime minorities commit against the host population or parent culture.

13. If I target other groups for harassment or attacks, I can rest assured that media will not report it on a national or international level nor use malicious accusations of racial or ethnic motive. Also, SPLC, DOJ or NAACP will not pursue hate-crime charges.

14. I will have an easier time obtaining a platform to criticize others.

15. I enjoy a quota system that guarantees I will receive preferential treatment for school admission, financial resources, and employment opportunities at the expense of others who may be more qualified than me.

16. I am the beneficiary of Affirmative Action policies that deny equity and resources to the host society.

17. I can immigrate to other societies that have a minority class system in place knowing I’ll receive a higher level of special treatment, financial gifts and exemptions compared to other immigrants who are not of minority class.

18. Policies are in place to ensure my interests will be overrepresented in politics, social institutions, and media.

19. Minority Privilege is the reason why no colleges or universities require students to complete coursework on Minority Privilege.

Unsure if Minority Privilege is affecting the outcome of certain situations? Simply switch the roles of the parties involved. Most of the time, you’ll find a double standard present which is due to this class system. Illuminating the Minority Privilege system for others to see starts with naming it, calling it what it is, call it out! Make sure it’s acknowledged and documented each time you encounter it.


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