Why Marxists Always Refer to You by Your Color

It’s important to understand that the way a Marxist will destroy a society is by implodingimage1.JPG it. They don’t overpower it physically though, they rely on controlled narratives and certain linguistic structures to create social hatred directed at the host culture then leverage different groups off one another to destroy it. Through this strategy, they use the men, women and children of a society to carry out their cultural warfare against the host population. One tactic they use to place “class blame” and encourage infighting is by referring to people by their color.

Think about all of the different choices we have when we refer to a person. We can refer to them by their gender, their class, their religion, ethnic identity, nationality, sexual orientation or we can refer to them by their color. If you’re having a conversation or writing an article, the way you refer to them will automatically set the narrative, and determine if the topic you’re discussing, is a matter of religion, gender, sexuality or color. It also decides which group holds responsibility or will be blamed for the topic at hand.

When we refer to people by their color, it’s done on the basis of visual observation, and you have four choices which are White, Black, Brown or Yellow people.

Pay close attention here, when you refer to people by their color, it has global reach. You’re cutting across all boundaries, countries, cultures and referring to a chunk of the global population all at the same time, who happen to be the same color. Notice that, using the term “brown people” does not make a distinction of whom you’re talking about. You’re not distinguishing between people from a particular country, or ethnic group. Nope, you’re placing them all in the same bucket and can blame them or ridicule them all at the same time, globally.

What ever you’re talking about, will automatically reflect on ALL “brown people” globally, because they are, visibly brown (they cannot escape that). We can all tell who is brown and who is not, simply by looking at them, and, in the back of our minds, will remember everything we were taught about brown people by schools and media. Over time, this will compound socially and shape the public image of all brown people by creating a permanent reputation for their group globally.

Take the thousands of media articles published on major events like 9/11 or high-profile shootings like San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Pulse Nightclub, UCLA and so on. Now, keep every printed sentence of the articles and media coverage the same, just change one word, change what ever description they used for the shooter to their color. What happens now is that all media reporting, school lessons and global conversations would pivot from conversations about what ever identity was used, to conversations about brown people (all brown people at the same time). When Marxists write a news article, or a school lesson plan, they exploit this method to cause social problems, destabilization and violence amongst the population.

Try this, take any media article and shift where blame and social animosity is directed by simply changing one word, the description of the perpetrator. Change the social impact of the entire story, and the feelings of people who read it.

Gender = Man shoots man ( seems like violence between men, no social agitation)

Color  = This color person shoots that color person (racial undertones, public agitation, possible riots and revenge attacks)

Religion = A member of this religion shoots a member of that religion (can inflame  sectarian violence)

Age =  A ‘youth” shoots a ‘youth’ (society criticises the younger generation)

Notice that, when we reformat the above mentioned articles to reference the color of the attacker, it will now reflect on all brown people regardless of origin and what’s going to happen is, societal backlash such as media ridicule and revenge attacks will be redirected towards them globally, regardless of ethnicity, heritage or physical location. Random brown people all over the world will feel like they’re being “framed” and put on trial for something that shouldn’t be their fault. They’ll say things like, you know “ you shouldn’t generalize ” or, “don’t paint us all with such a broad brush ”. These responses are all correct because that’s the intended effect of this technique, that’s why Marxists use it as a linguistic weapon against entire societies, and teach incoming populations to refer to the host population this way because it’s highly effective, and will eventually lead to a societal implosion.

Consider how these effects have been amplified and normalized when used on large platforms like radio, television, or incorporated it certain professions by attorneys, comedians and teachers. With access to the education institutions of a country, you can use this literary format on their young children to teach them to talk this way and condition them all the way up to graduation.

Just think of the large-scale conditioning I’m capable of if given access to the education system. If I were a Marxist, who secured funding and justified restructuring educational material to be critical, demoralize or ridicule brown people, that material is not confined to the country I developed it in. I can circulate it through the education system globally and it can be used in every brown country around the world because I have structured my literature to automatically reflect on anyone who is brown, regardless of ethnicity or heritage, it can implode every brown society this way.

Just imagine the social destruction I’m capable of. If this is how I structure every news paper article, remarks in movies or the daily news, I can attack an entire society from hundreds of different angles and all sides. Imagine if I began flooding Mexico with immigrants from all over the world, then simultaneously flipped the literature they use in their schools to ridicule brown people, the recently imported populations will feel justified resentment toward brown people (the host culture) while the Mexicans themselves will become self-destructive and suffer the negative psychological effects of class guilt. I can take that exact same literature and export it to other brown countries like India or Pakistan and the exact same thing will happen there too.  Now, look closely at how literature has been structured to say this about “white people” without ever saying which ones, and has been circulated through the education systems and used against the children of countries like Ireland, America or Sweden etc.

Think back when you were younger, apply what we’re discussing here today to the literature that was used on you in school. Notice how they always said “white people” without ever saying which ones? (There’s different kinds).  It’s because the architect of that literature didn’t want to be specific and say which ethnic group or subgroup they were ridiculing because the real purpose of that literature was to attack an entire class of people globally, regardless of their ethnicity, heritage or location. They were able to do it all at once, and the way they were able to do it, is by structuring the literature to refer to them by their color, so it can be used over and over again, in multiple different countries.

Additionally, if I import outside groups and, through controlled narrative, teach those kids that the only way they refer to the parent culture is by their color, then I have successfully installed this permanent “linguistic fix” that will remain continual and will ensure social conflict caused by this will not stop until the school books are reworded and kids are taught to refer to the parent culture by their nationality or cultural identity instead of by their color.

Consider that, the books used in schools, and language used in media have not been structured to do this to brown people, but they are structured to do this to white people.

Take the time to look for this pattern, you’re going to notice it everywhere, and this is going to answer a lot of questions about negative social interactions and viewpoints. I would like you to pay attention to what percentage of time your being referred to by your color by the media, teachers or other students, instead of being referred to by your nationality or cultural identity. Once you know to look for this pattern, you will also notice the level of precision it’s executed with which verifies this has been well thought out and released in to your society on purpose. Think of this as “language programming” secretly introduced in a very subtle way through the education system.

Although we can’t immediately change the way school literature has been worded, we can immediately change the way we word our conversations, social media, school assignments and articles that we produce. To counter these linguistics, you must reword the way you refer to people using one of four colors to make this “class blame” technique visible to everyone else which will then cancel out the negative social effects.

Activists who utilize this make it impossible to discuss complex topics like these and as a strategy, resort to never-ending circular arguments but using it back on them, will force them to think and eventually, to understand. It’s simply faster and more effective to refer back to them by their color. Once they’re on the receiving end of this type of language, they will experience the effects first hand, and you will reach an understanding with them much faster. Also, feel confident when using this method at school  and explain that referring to people by their color, in order to place “class blame” is a technique that’s currently being taught in our schools, it’s just not a two-way street yet, but this is being taught to students publicly so we all get to use this now. If a teacher or activist asks you why your saying brown people, black people or yellow people, tell them it’s for all the same reasons they say white people. Remind teachers they have an obligation to create the same environment for all students which means, all students will now be referred to by their color, or none will at all. Apply what you learned here today to any literature distributed in class or on campus, and include these talking points when criticizing it or rejecting it all together. Be confident when incorporating this in your essays, class discussions and making this a regular part of your social conversations because this is how we will take control of language on a grass-roots level and neutralize this.


Identity Shoppers

An identity shopper is eimage1 2xactly what it sounds like, it’s a person who will use other cultural identities they have no ancestral link to, as a type of marxist activism. Before you can understand the motive of the identity shopper, you must first understand the goal of marxists.

If the goal of the marxist is to erase every cultural identity globally, the challenge becomes, how to get every group to surrender their identity. How do you separate them from their unique identifier so they can then be erased? Since no group of people would willingly forfeit their identity, marxists look for ways to take it from them.

Look back a few years at the context your identity was used in, you’ll notice its been changed. Most literature as well as the way you heard your identity used socially always reinforced it as the unique identifier of your ethnicity or heritage. To begin the separation process, the marxists simply reworded literature to change the context your identity gets used in so it’s no longer unique to you.

School books and magazines that once used your identity in a way which reinforced it as your ethnicity or heritage, are slowly replaced with books and magazines that have been reworded to use your identity in a way that separates it from you, imply that it’s not specific to you and that the whole world can use it too.

The success of this separation technique depends on whether or not you can normalize it and get an entire society to switch the way they use their identity from one that is specific to them, to one that is no longer specific to them or their heritage. Once you have separated the identity from the target population, you can then introduce high volumes of outsiders and unrelated populations that will inevitably scramble them away.

With no unique word to call their heritage, lineage or population, they will slowly disappear into a sea of global traffic. Leaving virtually no evidence that they ever existed and no record that this simple, subtle manipulation technique was used to disappear them.

To get this process started, marxists will encourage identity shopping by sending an invitation to outsiders and foreigners encouraging them to start using ethnic and cultural identities which do not belong to them. The same marxists will then surveil the targeted group and apply social pressure, threats or accusations of racism if they resist the destruction of their identity.

While the targeted population is disabled, the outsiders are given a platform and encouraged to use the hijacked identity out of context, as much as possible, with the goal of normalizing it. You will see low-budget media or simple hashtag campaigns that may appear innocent in nature but they’re not, they’re intended to saturate the public and normalize the distortion of identity. Once this is done for a long enough period of time, the marxists have succeeded in taking the identity away from the target population. Left with no unique name for their heritage or ethnicity, their ability to continue as a people has also been taken away.

The identity shopper is a marxist agitator who accepts the invitation to violate the identities of other cultures and heritages. They publicly call themselves the name of someone else’s people with the intention of vandalizing the meaning of someone else identity, and scrambling it away. They’re often given a media platform and encouraged to agitate the target population by treating the hijacked identity in a poor or disrespectful way. Eventually, public arguments with the agitator will erupt and the very people who originated the cultural identity, are now arguing over its meaning, with the people who didn’t.

Reject identity shoppers, do not validate their rhetoric or their marxist agenda. When no longer on stage, you will often catch them revert back to using their real identity (the one they’re highly protective of) and when you catch them, call them out! Ask them why they’re using someone else’s identity if everyone knows it’s not their ethnicity. Find out their real identity and ask them why they’re not using that one instead. Call them an identity shopper, “out them” tell them you know exactly what they’re up to.

Include this topic in mainstream conversations pertaining to cultural matters. Feel confident when asking someone not to use your ethnic or cultural identity out of context. Reiterate that using someone else’s identity is a form of cultural appropriation, it’s destructive and it’s not acceptable. Tell them that you refuse to validate marxist tactics or normalize “identity shopping”. Tell them, if their ancestors didn’t originate that cultural identity, then they shouldn’t be using it.

Remember to reinforce your own cultural identity and make sure it’s used in a way that reinforces it, instead of distorts it. Use it in a way that refers to yourself, your heritage and your ancestry when you speak, or in the literature that you produce and use. Feel confident challenging those, whom undermine or challenge the meaning of your identity.  Be confident when publicly criticizing identity shoppers.